I was introduced to these dolls on a wonderful blog called Dollsgardens where the blogger Barbara showed her Muller Wichtel dolls having all sorts of adventures. They are such happy things that well you just want some of that happiness at your house.

So a while back I bought my first Wichtel from



This is Mona .


004 A little darling who makes me smile.

Well as all doll lovers know , you cannot only have one, well unless they are incredibly expensive so this week Mona was joined by a sister.


The cheeky Rosi a sweet red haired tot.


Another lovely expressive face.


So Mona is happy to finally have a sister / friend.


Now I can hear you asking so just the two…. well no because it should have been Benny who arrived before Rosi but at present he’s wandering around Germany looking for his passport, so he can make the trip to England.


So Rosi arrived ahead of Benny and because of that another little girl is due in a month or so!


So while they wait for their brother to arrive they are outside playing while the weathers dry.


Then of course once Benny does arrive , he’ll be the only boy so may need a brother? Maybe I’d best go check out the boys !




I was asked how the Sasha toddler compared with the Zwergnase Toddlers.

So here are a few photos.



For those who don’t know, the Zwergnase is on the left the Sasha on the right.Or in this case Lucas a boy toddler.



You can see the Zwergnase boy Lennert is taller and bigger than Lucas.Both were a pain to stand up for some reason! So they are leaning slightly forward for balance.!