I have finally been able to pull together the look I wanted for my Kaye Wiggs elf Girl Elora.

My friend Jane helped me by suggesting clothes I already had which we then pulled together along with just the right wig.


The black wig lines up with her being a night elf, who protects people from night demons and night terrors, helping them rest easy in their beds all night.


She sees things that mortals cannot.


Her skirt is tatty from wandering the dark nights through the woods and gardens.


But she also likes to rest and sleep sometime out in the open , up high where she is safe.


The old wall of the folly even in the wind is safe for an elf, who can only been seen if she wants to be.



She loves feeling the breeze while she rests.


A poem

The Night Elf


When elves do in your garden dwell

they find things you cannot tell

have rested amid your plants for years

the sound of which could bring tears


and make you scared if you could see

the things that dwell beneath your tree

the shrubs the leaves the garden shed

some of them are even dead!


If you could see

you’d run a mile

and hide beneath

the compost pile


worried that should you move

a nasty demon could intrude

and grind your bones and smash your knees

and bury you beneath the trees



but should they raise

their bones up high

staring at the midnight sky

the elf in your garden will

send them home with a chill


They’ll keep you safe within your bed

and even in your garden shed

but your’ll not see them do this thing

but you could hear a small bell ring


Which means the dangers passed

The elf has won against the dark

and elves and fairies then will play

all night long til break of day

When you unknown of all that’s done

enjoy the day that’s just begun.