Due to everything happening in my world at the moment I totally forgot to post about Max and Greta’s new clothes.

Greta received a beautiful smocked dress in a checked fabric and Max a shirt in the same fabric.

However Max pointed out that winter was coming and he would love to have some long trousers after spending so many many years in shorts!

So a request was sent to Ruth of , who had made the shirt and dress , for some trousers for Max.

It was settled on two pairs, one in a berry colour and one in dark green. They were soon on their way amid the Christmas post.

Max wasted no time in trying on the berry coloured pair when they arrived.

he especially loved the two back pockets that could hold lots of treasures!

Was he now happy? Well not quite , now it’s was shoes and socks required to complete the outfit.

I just need to find where I put them!