When I was trying to decide which 45 cm Zwergnase doll to buy, Rixte was my first choice but I also liked Resi. However Resi was on preorder everywhere, so I decided to go with my first love Rixte , who I now call Trixie.

But the other day I was just looking around the doll sites , as you do, when I saw a Resi available to buy! I thought for a moment or two , then decided as I had the funds, having sold a doll , that I’d buy her.


She is ever so sweet and seems tiny compared to her twin Trixie ! Even though in truth they are exactly the same size and sculpt, when I removed her from her bag, she seemed so small and light!


I think she will make a good twin to Trixie and decided that she’d be called Pixie.


One of the things that drew me to her was her dark brown almost black curly hair. My mothers hair was this colour but not quite so curly more of a natural wave to it.


She was also one of non idential twins, her sister having straight red hair. My mother was also a very shy person and the way these scuplts seem to also be shy made me think , yes she must come home!.


So Pixie joins her twin Trixie in the village.





Along side the Zwerganse dolls, I’m also collecting the A Girl For All Time dolls, I had four of them from when they first arrived on the doll scene and then stopped getting them.

However I got back into them recently and so decided to buy the one’s that were available. I wavered about getting Sam, the 60’s girl, for a while but then decided I liked the look of her and she’d make another sister for my regency family.


A friend who bought her first one Sam, told me of a seller on ebay who was taking offer on these dolls.

So I went in search of them and put in a cheeky offer , which after a short while was accepted and so Sam arrived today , Friday 17/07 . She is just perfect apart from her broght orange tights , not being a great lover of orange.


another lovely face with a pale skin tone.


Her mini dress is very much of the times along with the pvc on her cuffs and flower and those bright tights.


and I just love her sunburst inspired shoes! Wonderful.

But I thought it best I get her used to being a historical girl , so dressed her in a medieval outfit I also bought recently, another item on special offer in a bundle.


complete with a little mask this is a lovely well made outfit.


A closer look at the mask.



I have to say these doll live up to their name of A Girl For All Times, as whatever you put on thm for whatever era, it suits.


So she’s already getting used to no longer living in the 60’s !


Lovely detailing on the dress.


She’ll need a new name for her regency time but that can wait for another day!






I thought you might like to see Ingi-Soley and Luna-Soley together.


Luna_Soley with red hair and Ingi-soley with blonde.


They are in part of a set of three dolls, the third being Slava-Soley who is 5cm taller that these two and all only in a limited edition of 35 each sculpt.


With their little fake fur scarves and pretty dresses I feel like they are off to an autumn party.Dressed just warm enough to get there and then ready to enjoy the fun once they arrive.


I think Luna is the outgoing one and Ingi a little shy but both will have a great time once they arrive.



I had been looking at this Zwergnase doll for a good while, but she was only made in a limited edition of 35 and was sold out, apart from in the US where one was still available.

But when you add postage then even worse import duty… it’s just not worth even thinking about! I had followed the one in the US for a while as she was 25% off for a month but it would still have been too expensive, so when she returned to full price I took her out of my watching.

Then on the 1st it was my birthday and I’d asked my family to just give me money as they know I will always have a doll in my sights!

Then a small miracle happened, I was just looking at one of the zwergnase facebook groups when I saw a post from someone selling Luna-Soley! There I was with money in my pocket! and a doll I really liked, at more than 25% off, for sale!


Well Of course I did! I was quickly messaging the seller and sending payment. She was coming from Latvia and I was told it would take about 16 days at present for her to arrive. So I was happily surprised when she arrived safe and well on the 7th July ! Six days after she’d started her journey!


She is one of a set of three dolls , Luna-Soley, Ingi-Soley and Slava-Soley , all issued as 35 limited pieces and all now sold out, in the UK at least.


Luna-Soley wears a Mohair red wig which is lovely.


Her dress is a lovely green satin with floral detail.


I love the little fake fur scarves tied at the necks of these dolls.


I’m so happy to have managed to get this doll to add to my Zwergnase family. If I ever have the chance to add Slava-Soley to the group I probably would, she’s the taller 55cm size (Luna is 50cm,) and she’s go a more solemn look to her but I think it would be nice to complete this little group.





What another one?


Yes! Since my doll sales have been going well I’ve been able to use some to add another doll. This time I chose Galina who is from the 2017 release of Zwergnase.


She’s got a sweet happy look to her and I just love her outfit, blue being one of my favourite colours.


Her blonde hair wig is lovely and long.


She is a 50cm girl and a lovely addition to my collection.





The blythe’s moved out and took their sofa with them! But the A Girl For All Time dolls moved in…. but it’s already getting a little crowded…. things may have to change eyt again!!



When I collected Zwergnase dolls the first time round, I had two with the same sculpt. Lenka ( who you can see in the banner for this site ) and Katja, they were my favourites, when I decided to down size and sold off all but one of my zwergnase dolls , they were the last two to leave.

So now I’m back into the zwergnase again it is still, at present, possible to buy them. But I’ve been there done that, but still love the sculpt, so when I was looking and buying the newer dolls, there was one in the scuplt of Lenka and Katja that drew my eye.

Finally I gave in and put her on a short layaway and when a couple of dolls sold I paid her adoption fee.


This is Ingi-Soley , she’s a limited edition with a real hair wig.


One of the reasons I chose her was because she is wigged and it’s real hair.


She’s meant to have the untidy fringe but I’m tempted to give it a very very slight trim..


Being limited edition means they like to charge you more on the price ! But I had to have her , out of who was available in this sculpt, since I’ll only get this one.


I may undo her hair just to see how it looks and at some stage a more summery outfit may be in order but that’s for another day.