This is Ruth ( Wentje is her maker name ) she is one of the bigger 55cm dolls made by Zwerganse.


You can see by comparing her with Alice , that she is bigger all over.


I love the way her hair is comng loose and curls are dropping around her shoulders.


Her hair is plaited and pinned neatly to her head while she goes about her day.


She is dressed for winter , so feeling a little warm in this summer weather. But she says she’s fine and May’s not quite out yet!




Well the slippery slope delivered another Zwergnase into the fold.



I am calling her Alice because to me the name suits her, her actual name from the doll company is Venera, which I will forget in a very short time.

I actually was not intending to buy Alice, I had orginially bought Ann-Marie from an internet shop thinking she’d arrive within the week only to decover she was not acutally in stock but on her way to the internet shop!

Expecting her to sent on within a week or two, I waited, so my quick doll fix in early April didn’t happen. After a month I contacted the shop, where is my Ann-Marie? Oh she’s still not here and could be a good while yet!

I was offered a refund if I didn’t want to wait. I went off and bought Ann-Marie elsewhere, where she was in stock and was tempted to get a refund but in the end I had this doll sent to me instead.


She is the same face sculpt as two others I used to own, a sculpt I love, but I did find it not quite as thrilling when she arrived as she was an unplanned doll.


So hopefully Alice will settle in and soon be part of the growing zwergnase family that’s now in residence.






Well that slopes getting more slippery by the minute because no sooner had Ann-Marie arrived than I asked the shop to get Ann- Elsa, who is the same face sculpt but with long brown hair and a different outfit. Fine so far, Twins I thought.

But on the site is a reference library where you can put the sculpt number in and it will show you all the dolls with that same face.

Yes you have guessed it I put in Ann- Marie’s scuplt number 26 and up popped Ann-Marie and also Ann- Elsa AND Feena ! So instead of twins I’ve gone for triplets!


This is Feena looking like I feel .. what there’s another one!!


That Gargoyles thinking ..what again!


I may try Ann-Marie’s clothes on her , which I love and if she looks good in them , I’ll make all three matching style outfits.Now anyone who knows me , will know that’s a plan that will or will not actually happen! Put it’s always good to have plans say I!


So she’s had a tour of the garden along with a visit to the Iris cage !


Later she can meet her sister and maybe swap clothes ! But for now she’s off to have her tea.






I had sold off all but one of my Zwergnase dolls and did not think I would ever travel that road again but then I saw this girl and was smitten.



I orginially purcahsed her from a shop in France , back at the beginning of April, believeing she was in stock but the confirmation said she was expected the following week. However weeks passed with no sign of her until I finally checked back with shop who said it would still be several weeks before her arrival at their shop.


So I changed my order to a different girl who was in stock and luckily the girl I’d found in UK was still available, so I snapped her up.


I was going to redress her but I just love this outfit, which was one of the things that drew me to her, so she’s happily settling in to her new home unchanged.

In fact I love her so much she may become triplets!!