I love dolls! Yes I do and no I am not a child but a grown women with grown children and I love to dress , photograph and use dolls to tell stories. Some may be horrified by this, other will understand and some will be bemused.

If I had a train set like Rod Stewart people would think that’s fine but dolls! A grown woman playing with dolls ! A thing for laughing about and telling others in a sniggering way. People collect all different things and should be allowed to do so without prejudice or comment. You’d be surprised just how many woman and men , yes men too, who enjoy collecting and dressing and staging their dolls. Unfortunately many keep this hidden from friends and others for fear of being laughed at or thought stupid or childish but for those who are ‘out’ of the dolly closet this blog is for you.

I have a few dolls which I have collected over the last few years and my main collection which are Sasha dolls, I have run a blog for for several years but I have also been collecting other dolls, Kidz n Cats, Zwergnase and others. So I decided I needed a place that I can show these dolls on and that’s why I have started this blog.

So I hope you enjoy seeing the dolls I have and how they are staged etc.

Due to my main blog I will not post as often on this one but will share photo’s and idea’s as an when time allows.

Thanks for stopping by .

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