I love the face of the new 2016 Zwergnase Azalea.



They have also made Azalea with a straighter deep red wig which also looks beautiful and you can get Violet again the same face sculpt but with a dark brown curly wig. But I had Azalea and told myself I really didn’t need another.

Well that was until a friend said she was going to sell her girl Violet! I resisted I did! and for a good week or so but then well I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and so this week Violet arrived.


This is Violet, she comes wearing a bright pink PVC coat with lining that matches her trousers but I removed it because she looked a little uncomfortable in it. I’m not mad keen on her outfit , it’s a little dull for me. So I will have to buy her or make her something different or new to wear.


Azalea loves that her twin has finally arrived to live with her.



They are looking forward to catching up with all the gossip of where they have been and what they have seen!



Violet’s especially happy because she thought she’d have to go and live with strangers.


she loves being a twin whose the same but different! and so does Azalea.


Sister’s the best thing a girl can have…….well and chocolate …