GRACE a Kidz n Cats Doll


This is a Kidz n Cats Doll called Grace. I recently managed to add her to my collection of these dolls. I bought one several years ago but when she arrived she had the golden blonde hair and was also a lot darker skinned. I was so disappointed as i’d expected a pale skinned , pale blonde.

So I sold her on to my friend Kim who also collects these dolls and owns   at least 20 plus.

Then just the other week her saw her come up for sale with all her original clothes , cat and box, she’d only been displayed, stupidly I could not decide if I should get her, only to leave it long enough for her to vanish! Sadly I thought I’d missed my chance, then last week she reappeared and so this time I hit the button and she arrived this week and I could not be happier.


Here she is as she arrived. Beautiful with a lovely lilac and white outfit, she still had her papers wrapped round her body and legs as when first received , so had never been changed. Well it is Winter, so I put in an order to My Doll Bestfriend , a great website for all things dolly, for an outfit and some boots.

So today she was changed into a nice long sleeved winter dress, some tights and boots.



I’m not impressed with the wonky stripes on the  dress, which is from the kidz n cats range, it does have a belt that ties round the waist and would hide this but I think I’ll try and adjust it to fit correctly.



I love her brown eyes and blonde hair, just the same as my youngest daughter.



Gorgeous long pale blonde hair. You can see the dress belt hanging at the back!



another full length view.



So that’s Grace who is a very much welcomed addition.

Now like most of my dolls they always seem to arrive like buses , three at a time and that’ s what happened in this last two weeks.

So I’ll show you the next arrival in the next post.



One thought on “GRACE a Kidz n Cats Doll

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Ah lovely Grace, this is the one I had but mine had the blue eyes. I customised her and sold her just before Christmas. I also have this dress (we obviously have great taste! 😉 ) and don’t have the stripes problem, fortunately, because I really like it on my dolls.


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