When you sell pumpkins you need to find the best spot to catch the eye of more people.


Well that’s the theory , however if you are an Elf, who is not actually supposed to be seen by people , especially the big ones , that doesn’t work.


Sitting for hours surrounded by pumpkins while no one wanders past is not Elora’s idea of fun !


She’s only been sitting waiting for half an hour and ready she’s getting bored.


She’s not even a member of the Pumpkin sellers guild ! She’s just doing a friend a favour!


Which is why she finds herself hold a pumpkin and wishing some old witch would wander by in need of half a dozen for a spell for Halloween and then she could pack up and go about her proper business


and what if a certain princess happens to pass this way !


Putting down the pumpkin she was holding, she decides it’s best to have her hands free just in case !


Nearly nodding off , she starts ! Wondering how best to keep herself awake, she starts counting leaves.


but then once she hits 120306 she’s almost more bored than selling pumpkins !


She watches the sun in the leaves of the banana tree and her eyes being to shut…


sigh… zz… mmm …. arh.. snuffle…. zzzzz…….sigh….zzzz


Finally giving in to sleep Elora rests, lets hope no people especially the big ones nor any princess chose to wander down this way for a few hours……..




One thought on “THE PUMPKIN SELLER

  1. Sharon in Spain

    I just saw her on Flickr and was thinking she looked a bit bored, but definitely dreamy so I’m not surprised that she’s falling asleep! She has such a pretty little face, her sculpt is quite a lot like my Hope, just ever so slightly different 🙂


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