The blythe’s moved out and took their sofa with them! But the A Girl For All Time dolls moved in…. but it’s already getting a little crowded…. things may have to change eyt again!!


6 thoughts on “CROWDED HOUSE

  1. Haha!
    They look like passengers on the District and Circle lines of the London Underground. The AGFAT girls even look as though they are reading the electronic board announcing the arrival time of the next train.
    I LOVE this photo, you’ve made my day, Dee.
    This post being published crossed with an email to you from me. Three lovely and very different posts on your blogs have pooped up for me to see today. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment.
    J xxxx


    1. Lol I see what you mean ! All the AGFAT dolls are looking over in the same direction! Maybe something was happening down the other end of the platform!! 😉 It must be rush hour !


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