Cherry and Pinkney have decided to read a book. Pinkney is fed up reading Little women, they have already read it this month!

“No Cherry ” she says firmly ” I am not reading this again!”

“Oh but I love it! It’s so us!” Cherry answers.


Pinkney moves away and Cherry sets the book flat, how can I get her to agree.. she wonders

Meanwhile Pinkney’s thinking she does LOVE Little Women so to read again would not be so bad…


” I know ” says Cherry craftily ” If we read this book now we can read any that you want all next month!”

“Mmm ” says Pinkney ” ALL next month, what I want to read? ”

“Yes I promise, cross my heart and eat a pie”

“That’s cross my heart and hope to die!” corrects Pinkney

“Really! I always thought it was strange you had to eat a pie after crossing your heart!” giggles Cherry ” alright then , cross my heart and hope NOT to die!”

Pinkney giggles ” So let’s start reading then, I need to make a list ”

“What list !”

“The list of books we are reading next month”

“List! I don’t remember saying there’d be a need for a list !”

” Yes, list, there’s Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice , Anne of Green Gables ” she warms to her subject ” War and Peace …”



One thought on “B IS FOR

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Hahaha looks like it’s going to be a busy month of reading next month, but at least the girls are educating themselves with good books rather than comics like my lot!!!
    I hope they enjoy all their reading, there really isn’t much that beats sitting down with a great book, is there!


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