M is for MONEY


M is for Money, little MILLIE MACIAK places her MONEY in MUM’s MONEYBOX so MUM can get MULTI funds that grow MASSIVE and then she can buy MORE dolls! MAGNIFICENT !


Millie is joined by Jenny and Lexie, who say it looks like fun putting the coins in the moneybox.


“Well ” says Millie to her sisters ” Look there’s lots of money we can all put it in!”


So Lexie picks up a coin and drops it in, hearing a chink !


Jenny says ” Do it again Lexie!”

So she does ” This is such fun!”


” let’s do it together ” says Millie picking up another coin

Lexie gets one to ” One Two Three!” they all call together and the girls drop the coins.



“Come on Jenny you have a go !” calls Millie

“Yes ” Lexie says touching Jenny’s back ” That’s it drop it in!”

All the girls giggle as the coin makes a thud and not a chink!


Soon all the money was in the Moneybox and the girls go off to tell Mum of their good work!




Millie is my new Heather Maciak Lexie doll. I found her quite by chance when looking on the internet a month back. She was just too sweet to pass by, so I bought her and she arrived today.


She is wearing her original shoes and ribbons but not outfit. I believe her to be a Springtime at Quiet Water Lexie created for the Chesaspeake Doll Club Luncheon in April 2008.


This is a photo from Heather Maciak’s site showing her in her outfit.


I may try and make her a similar outfit when I have some time.

I managed to get her off the doll stand without damaging her! She is a porcelain doll

so a doll stand is not a good idea!.


Jenny in the middle is a  Dressy Jenny also from 2008, she came to me in her original outfit and with her box .


Here she is with her matching Dressy Lexie.


Here we have the two Lexie’s , one now called  Millie on left and Lexie on right. This Lexie in white is a Pastel Lexie who is a limited edition of only 25 again from 2008.


Shown above with her pastel Jenny sister. Under her white dress she is wearing her pastel blue outfit. She also came with her box.

I’ve decided they are triplet sisters because I did not want one to be left out.






2 thoughts on “M is for MONEY

  1. Sharon in Spain

    And what cute little sisters they are Dee. I also have a money box here but I’m keeping it away from my kids because it’s likely that they’ll start removing the coins rather than putting them in! It’s great that your girls are more keen to save than spend 😉


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