Along side the Zwerganse dolls, I’m also collecting the A Girl For All Time dolls, I had four of them from when they first arrived on the doll scene and then stopped getting them.

However I got back into them recently and so decided to buy the one’s that were available. I wavered about getting Sam, the 60’s girl, for a while but then decided I liked the look of her and she’d make another sister for my regency family.


A friend who bought her first one Sam, told me of a seller on ebay who was taking offer on these dolls.

So I went in search of them and put in a cheeky offer , which after a short while was accepted and so Sam arrived today , Friday 17/07 . She is just perfect apart from her broght orange tights , not being a great lover of orange.


another lovely face with a pale skin tone.


Her mini dress is very much of the times along with the pvc on her cuffs and flower and those bright tights.


and I just love her sunburst inspired shoes! Wonderful.

But I thought it best I get her used to being a historical girl , so dressed her in a medieval outfit I also bought recently, another item on special offer in a bundle.


complete with a little mask this is a lovely well made outfit.


A closer look at the mask.



I have to say these doll live up to their name of A Girl For All Times, as whatever you put on thm for whatever era, it suits.


So she’s already getting used to no longer living in the 60’s !


Lovely detailing on the dress.


She’ll need a new name for her regency time but that can wait for another day!





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