For a photo shoot. I needed a new back drop because the one I had with snow was just too small to take a sleigh and a reindeer of a decent size.

I had to pin it to the curtains either side of the pine dresser , so it covered the dresser and the ‘floor’

went across the dresser base and also my ironing board which was almost the same height, so I could a little depth added.

Once it had been ironed and pinned up I could start taking some photos with the dolls and props.

In this photo Mary and Suzannah are playing elves and taking care of the reindeer.

Claudine is Santa and driving the sleigh while Hannah looks on from the side.

The girls are wearing costumes by a maker on Ebay called Maudie May, she is a wonderful seamstress and very reasonable with her prices.

These dolls are my Roche dolls but the costumes are made for the Sasha or Gotz Happy Kidz dolls but will

fit these dolls well.

Claudine and Hannah are wearing Gotz sized costumes and Mary on the right is wearing a Sasha one.

Even at 5ft wide it only just fits in these dolls with the reindeer and sleigh. I also bought myself a 7ft wide snowy backdrop which I may try out tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year


  1. Wow, the backdrop is fabulous! As are your Roche girls. I think this action shot suits them better than just portraits because you can see the variety of their faces.
    But an even bigger scene? How on earth are you going to hang that one? Be careful with required climbing!


    1. The second one is 7ft wide and 5ft deep but may try it over top of this one so I have the ‘floor’ of the first one to use. I may have to buy a proper frame next year !
      I agree this brings out the detail in their faces more than just portrait style shots.


  2. Dorothy in PA

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have always wondered how the cloth backdrops worked. I have used the cardboard “stand-up” ones that were created for the American Girl dolls and the Our Generation dolls.

    I am always looking for ways to improve my photography skills. At least I don’t cut off my dolls heads any more (laugh).


    1. I have one of the cardboard American Girl stand up ones but it’s just not wide enough if I want to use the reindeer and sleigh and a few dolls. These cloths ones are very good, I thought they might be too big but it works quite well.
      You can buy frames to attached them to , if you don’y have an available space to use.

      My favourite things tends to be taking the photos like they are on a slope !! I have to remember to check the photo is level before I press ! šŸ™‚


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