O is for ONCE..


ONCE upon a time right here

Darcy read an OLD book clear

To little ONE’s hanging on every word

This tale is ONE they’d never heard !


Constance O does jump in fright!
At the ONEROUS task in OLIVER’s Sight
But just like any great book should
He wins the day and they sigh that’s good!

The little ONE’S beg Darcy to read ON
OF ONEROUS task ‘s ! there must be more than ONE!
But Canny Darcy says instead
She’ll give them all OAT cakes before bed!

So they all smile with delight
and wander off into the night

OLIVER his task completed
Waits Once more until he’s needed.


This was my entry to the dolland bear althabet Challenge.


My Heather Maciak dolls loved listening to the tale.


Unfortunately I could not use this one as you can see the pipes for the boiler !


The light from the lamp enabled me to not use a flash for most of them.


without the flash is has a nicer softer focus I think.



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