When I rediscovered by liking for the Zwergnase dolls, it was this lass that caught my eye.


Reesa, a 50 cm girl with rooted red hair. i looked at her time and again but when I decided to collect Zwergnase once again it was not her but Ann-Marie that I bought.


One of the things that held me back is the fact that she is rooted and not wigged. Unfortunately the rooting on these dolls can be a little thin especially at the front.


Plenty of lovely hair at the back.


But finally after passing her by so many times, I decided to deal with that fact she’d probably be a little thin at the front.

The thing to do is keep the hair a little windswept so it’s not quite so obvious and or find out just what type of hat suits her! lol

Or I could try and find some matching colour hair and give her a top up ! But for now, she’s settling in and we’ll see which if any ‘root’ we take!


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