Is there such a thing as too many doll shoes? Sometimes you can look at the amount of small shoes around and wonder just how many does a doll need?

But then again if you have more than a few dolls, each one will need at least one pair of shoes, thats just for starters!

Then there is colours and lets not forget styles! You wouldn’t want the wrong colour shoes clashing with an outfit or for that fact a beautiful delicate outfit with a pair of khaki boots… or maybe you would! either way you’d need at least a few different colours to choose from.

Which is how come I recieved this box of wonderfully coloured shoes recently. The creamy white pair of boots are meant for the Sashas but the rest were for my Pongratz dolls. Bruno especially will be over the moon having only one pair at present!.

However I decided to try a pair on one of my mid sized Schoenhut dolls, Gloria, who is around 17 inches.

These red shoes were also in the box but I’d removed them before I took the photo. But they are a great fit with just a pair of slim nylon tights or socks. Anything thicker would cause an issue.

Here’s a photo of Gloria, in the shoes which go well with her dress. I love it when shoes meant for one doll will then fit another style of doll. So can one have too many dolls shoes? I think not… well not yet ! 😉

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