I have owned these sweet little Daumlinchen Kathe Kruse dolls for years. They have been sharing a cabinet with my smaller dolls for the last year or two but when they said that we were going to get temperatures of minus ten overnight this week, I gathered them up along with my other small dolls and brought them into the house.

I have had a few other of these small ones who have moved on but these two always stay safe. They have their own range cooker and other pieces of furniture, which I will share another time once the weather warms, but they are going up to join their bigger , older Kathe Kruse family members.

Here they are standing with their largest brother Max.

I have been trying out this old Kathe Kruse hat I bought a while back before he arrived. I did put it on his smaller brother but cannot decide if it’s too small for Max?

Once all the dolls are unpacked again and have their new home, I’ll be able to try it on the smaller boy and him and see who it fits best, but what do you think ? too small or just right ?

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