Well Spring is in the air and will soon be arriving , which always makes me start to review among other things, my dolls.

So today I spent time removing all the Zwergnase dolls from their cloth bags, where I had placed them when the temperature dropped and placed them on the dressing table for a photo shoot.

I started with the biggest dolls, the 55cm dolls, here we have Miriam, Sofina and Wentje.

Here joined by Hans en Gluck

Then Miriam, Sofina and Kirsten gathered for a group photo because they are all the same sculpted and one I love.

a closer look at their faces.

Joining the other 55 cm dolls.

Next it was Feena and Ann-Marie again the same sculpt.

another close up

I then realised I’d missed one of the 55cm girl’s Betje , there was no room on the box , so she stood to the side for while.

A box was found for Betje to stand on, so she didn’t vanish behind the ever growing line of 50 cm girls. Joining now are Reesa , red hair, Venera blonde, Luna-Soley and ….. -Soley.

a closer view of Venera and the Soley sisters.

Next was Galina who also needed to stand om a small box so as not to vanish.

She is joined in front by Augustine a limited ed which the same sculpt.

Then they are joined by Rixte and Resi 45 cm girls and little Idje a 35 cm girl.

So the final group all together , Nordika with brown curly hair has joined on the back on the right hand side another 50cm girl.

Although I love them all, a few need to move one, so will be going onto the adoption list. Four are on that list but more could be added! Only time and the urge to reduce the amount of dolls will tell !


  1. Simply Sasha

    Hi Sis! If you decide to part with any of the 55cm or 45cm Zwergnase dolls (except Miriam) please could you give me the heads up 🙂


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