In my doll collection I have a few of the Gotz Happy Kidz dolls. I had a few more years ago but sold then off and just kept two. One I sold off was the same sculpt as the doll shown above. So I had been watching this girl for a while and then finally decided to add her to my small group of the dolls.

She is called Sophie and from their 2020 release.

Here she is showing her full outfit.

Now I have been having a big clear out of dolls clothing I either never use but have used and also brand new items I have never got round to using.

A few years back a friend was selling a Gotz doll outfit that she’s not opened and I decided to buy it because I had seen the outfit on a Gotz doll with the same face sculpt as Sophie here, however at the time I did not own one but thought it could look nice on one of my other Happy Kidz dolls.

The outfit in it’s wrapping. But when having the clear out I decided I’d never use it, so best to sell it on and put it on for sale.

However after Sophie arrived on the 1st Feb I did not remove her from her box until the 3rd and it made me think , maybe I should try the outfit on her before I sell it just in case !

Of course the blouse, pants and petticoat were attached to each other with the tiny plastic clips, so before deciding whether to cut them and then making it no longer new and unused, I tried the pink dress on her, Well !!! I removed it and straight away found the scissors and cut the clothes loose.

I’m sure you can see why ! It is perfect on her. Just shows how much an outfit can lift a doll to the next level.

Luckily for me no one had bid on the outfit , so I was able to remove it from sale , having had a lucky escape.
She is sitting beside my laptop as I write this post. I have to say that I may have seen a Gotz doll they were selling in a similar outfit years ago but if they were to sell this girl in a different hair / eye colour in this outfit in another colour combination I’m sure it would jump off the shelves in minutes !

Now I wonder if this outfit can be found in another colourway… I may have to go and look…..

2 thoughts on “GOTZ HAPPY KIDZ

  1. She looks great Dee, what a difference!
    BUT….you are my dolly prevented now….you know, STEP AWAY FROM THE DOLLS, JEN and all that…Where you go, I might follow. Should you be putting me in danger of spending again? 😆😆😆😆
    In truth, Gotz did sell similar outfits in other colours and I can’t blame you if you are tempted and fall, but what if that outfit comes wrapped round a doll????? Will you????


    1. If it came in another colour wrapped round another lovely gotz then….probably !! lol there really is little hope for me 😉
      At least the gotz dolls are not as expensive as most of the others !!


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